Cleveland Sign Company Creates Johnny Manziel Disguises Billboard


The Harry X Sysack Sign Company in Cleveland is no stranger to controversial billboards in front of the business on Pearl St., which is just south of the Cleveland Zoo. The latest billboard to go up is a tribute to Johnny Manziel, an easy target for a sign company that is known to savagely destroy mostly political targets in the past. This just might be a shift in direction for Harry X Sysack.

Are you in Cleveland? Go see the billboard for yourself. Get a photo with it. Send it to me. Sysack is at 4306 Pearl Rd.
I tried to call the Harry X Sysack Sign Company to hear what the inspiration was for J. Cue Ball, Hogman (?) Manziel and Wolf Man Manziel. I think the others are pretty self-explanatory. There was no answer at the business. A woman’s voice is on the answering machine.

Update: Nancy speaks!

This sign shows up on Google Maps for the Sysack address and caused controversy back in 2014. Fox 8 Cleveland caught up with Nancy Sysack, who owns the billboard and sign company.

From 2014:

She said she’s unhappy with the government and wanted to express her feelings and thought this was the best way to do that.

“That is a part of the human anatomy and I see more graphics in the Cleveland Art Museum of the whole thing, and I did it in a silhouette so it isn’t too obvious,” she said.

Cleveland Scene wrote a few years ago that one of Nancy’s favorite lines for her signs, which has been handed down by the family, is “PAY BACKS A BITCH.” It’s clear that Manziel has pissed off the wrong lady.

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