Kacie McDonnell Takes BP in a Robe, Suffers Blisters

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 10.25.26 AM

Despite winning the World Series, it’s been a tense winter for Royals fans. Yes, they should be riding that championship high, but it’s understandably been tough to see Alex Gordon remain unsigned, Ben Zobrist bolt for the Cubs, and Johnny Cueto take all the money from the Giants— not exactly a Christmas to remember in Kansas City.

However! Royals fans still do have Eric Hosmer and his gal Kacie McDonnell.

And to heat up an underwhelming hot stove season, McDonnell provided everyone the hottest WAG baseball video since Kim DeJesus’ infamous wiffle ball production by taking batting practice in a robe:

See, Royals fans — life is still very good.

Sidenote: Probably won’t see another BP video for a while.


[Kacie McDonnell- IG]