Dessie Mitcheson Talks About Her New Lingerie Football Sideline Reporting Job

I still call it the Lingerie Football League because that’s what it was called back in the day before it became the Legends Football League to appease concerns with broadcasters, arenas and sponsors who needed a classier name before they’d engage with the product. The new LFL still doesn’t pay its athletes, but it cleaned up the name, got on MTV2 and into arenas across the country where filling a couple dates on the calendar wasn’t too difficult.
Former NFL players became coaches. A legit sideline reporter, Lauren Gardner, was hired and the TV productions were pretty decent when you could find them.  Years have passed. Teams have come and gone. The LFL was down to six teams in 2015 after being as high as 12 in 2013. The league will field eight teams in 2016, including new teams in New England and Dallas.
And there will be a new sideline reporter. Dessie Mitcheson (@dessie_lyn) is no stranger to being on TV at sporting events. She was the lead card girl at the Paquiao-Mayweather fight. You saw plenty of her at the press conference and between rounds. Dessie’s other big moment, according to her bio, was winning Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest.
Now her career pivots to football. One solid year in the LFL and she could be working for CBS Sports Network or the Big Ten Network by 2017.
What’s your previous experience with sideline reporting?

I grew up in the City of Pittsburgh, where football is everything. I’ve been lucky with many opportunities in my modeling career and I’m very excited that it is evolving into a broadcasting career!

What’s your history with the game growing up and now?

I grew up cheering for Yancey Thigpen, he was my favorite player. Football was always on in my house and was a must to watch on Sunday. I live in Southern California now, but I still have my Pittsburgh passion and pride for the game!

Do you have a sideline reporting hero? Sports broadcasting hero? Please don’t tell me Chris Berman.

If I could mimic anyone’s career I would pick Erin Andrew’s. She’s been extremely successful in sideline reporting and because of her success she also works outside of the sports industry. She does it all!

The LFL is known for fiery coaches like Chris Michaelson in Seattle. How do you plan to handle these maniacs? Do you have a go-to question at halftime?

I’ve always been able to get along with all types of people including maniacs haha so I’m not worried! I don’t have a go to question as of now, but I’m sure it’ll evolve throughout the season.

What should the Browns do with Johnny Manziel? Should they stop worrying about his partying and just let him be Johnny?

I think Johnny is going through a phase and just needs to mature.

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