Gilbert Brown Resurfaces With Green Bay Chill Of Lingerie Football League [Photos]

Just when we figured the Lingerie Football League couldn’t pull another rabbit out of a hat with more ties to the National Football League, Gilbert Brown resurfaced yesterday at a press conference in Green Bay. Nope, the big guy isn’t strapping on the pads for a comeback. Biggin’ is back in football, but this time it’s with the Green Bay Chill, an expansion franchise of the LFL. Oh, and before you ask, yes this is real and Gilbert is even coaching practices. Amazing, right?

The Green Bay press, pretty much bored without something Packers related, were out in full force yesterday as Gilbert shared a podium with two ladies who’ll wear the green lingerie for the home team during the 2011 season.

Coach Gilbert Brown described the lingerie league as a “twist” on the game that includes a few different rules — and uniforms.

“People can come out and watch a good game of football,” he said Monday during a news conference at the Resch Center. “There’s going to be a lot of hitting. There ain’t gonna be no nail polish nowhere.”

Brown, who retired in 2003, has had his hands in a number of Wisconsin sports businesses including owning part of the Milwaukee Mile and coaching men’s indoor football. His new team will debut August 26 against Minnesota in what should become a heated rivalry between the lingerie rivals. As for those unis, Gilbert is optimistic men will like the product he puts on the field.

“It’s not a traditional uniform,” he said. “But let’s be honest, who is going to come watch girls in traditional uniforms? Then they put something like this on, ‘Hey, I’m going to check it out.'”

Here’s Gilbert’s first G.B. lingerie minicamp. It actually looks like Brown might be down to 330 these days. Looking sharp.

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