Sideline Reporter Lauren Gardner Could Be Next Erin Andrews [12 Photos]

Been doing some hiring here at Busted Coverage. Actually went out and found us an editor who will handle “The Next Erin Andrews Hunter” beat. What the hell is that, you ask? Folks, there isn’t a cable operation out there that isn’t looking for a pretty young lass. The days of Lesley Visser lookalikes grilling coaches about halftime adjustments are over. We’re officially opening a consulting business that’ll uncover the hottest, most intelligent sideline talent available.

Today we started sniffing out the scent in Denver where our old friend Peter Burns alerted the Hunter to a possible diamond-in-the-rough who has all the attributes to become the next Erin Andrews.

Meet Lauren Gardner.

The facts as compiled by The Hunter:

• Sexy and easy name to spell, remember, pronounce

• Ex-Broncos cheerleader

Bikini shoot for Maxim (um, Jenn Brown has a shoot in her history)

• Young, but not so young she chews gum & asks Tebow stupid questions

• Red head (versatile head of hair; have seen it fire red and a softer version that won’t scream Boulder kegger)

• In-game hostess for Broncos

• On-air hockey experience (it’s how Pageviews got her start)

• Captain of softball and dance team! (Think Jenn Brown & Pageviews combo)

The resume

A growing, well-used Twitter account

Hunter’s Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: November, 2012

Hunter’s Expert Analysis: Raw talent. Not afraid of the ‘stage.’ Could use 6-8 months of seasoning at the AAA-level. Early second-round draft pick.

If you are a sideline reporter hopeful that should be on The Hunter’s radar we expect you’ll email us indicating your interest in our FREE scouting services.

[email protected]

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