Hannah Davis Tells GQ She Started Modeling To Buy Tennis Rackets

Hannah Davis is still on her engagement ring media tour and GQ is out today with a brief interview with the future Mrs. Jeter. What did we learn? Her brother is spear fisherman, her dad is a pretty famous scuba diver and her family lives in a house that sounds like pure paradise.
We also learned that Hannah Davis probably wouldn’t have met Jetes if it wasn’t for tennis and needing money.

“Started modeling to buy tennis rackets,” she says. “And it kiiinda grew from there.” (True-ish statement! For her pitch-ladyship with DirecTV, in which she hangs with a talking horse on some azure coastline, she made, like, 8,427 tennis rackets. And the gazillion-carat meteor on her left hand is said—by at least one person!—to have set Jeter back about 1,342 Louisville Sluggers.)

Turns out Davis was a ranked junior tennis player during her playing days.
How rough is life for the Davis clan? Her brother, Conn, dates Hannah Ferguson. I’m not kidding. You know this type of family. God came down and chose that one family where the sister is hot. The brother is chiseled from granite. Everyone eats healthy. Perfect skin. Somehow they have piles of money. That’s Hannah Davis’ family.
And Jeter’s marrying right into that. (Hannah Ferguson might eventually be his sister-in-law!)
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