Meet Surfer Bree Kleintop
It’s winter for most of us in this country, so that means you’re miserable and wishing you could be walking on a Hawaiian beach and slamming daiquiris. Instead, you’ll be stuck at your miserable job working for that asshole boss you’ve wanted to choke for the last 8-10 years. And the snow is coming. The wind, the misery. It’ll all be here soon if it hasn’t already arrived.
We have a long tradition here at BC. My main goal back in the beginning was to get you guys through the rough times. BC was around when the economy crashed. Many of you (possibly your parents at this point) were unemployed and needed someone to give them hope in life. So I’d show you (or your dad at this point) hot girls from around the world. That helped ease the misery.
Surfer Bree Kleintop is the latest hot girl to get her turn on BC. And she just might be the hottest surfer to ever get posted on BC. I know, I know…you guys are still fascinated with Anastasia Ashley. Give Kleintop a chance.
She recently told Stab Magazine that it’s not creepy that you think she’s hot.

I think it’s rad making the girls feel feminine and sexy, and showing a different side to them. It’s very empowering. It’s also the underlying fact that these girls aren’t just gorgeous, they absolutely rip! Part of being an ambassador for your sponsor is shooting in their swimwear, the same as surf guys do in boardshorts.

Kleintop, 21, is an O’Neill sponsored rider from San Clemente, California. However, she grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
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