Derek Jeter Confirms He's Engaged In Dog Blog

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Derek Jeter confirmed today in a Players Tribune blog post about his dog that he’s engaged to Hannah Davis, the Sports Illustrated model. Writing about his dog, Jeter dropped this line: “I had no idea what I was in for as a new dog owner. He was a Christmas gift last year from my fiancée, whose family had Mastiffs growing up.”
And there it is. All the rumors were just confirmed.
A report late last week from the New York Daily News gossip section claimed that Jeter and Davis had gotten engaged, but at that point it wasn’t confirmed by either. The Post says the engagement went down about 10 days ago.

Jeter, 41, had apparently been planning his proposal for a while. Our source said he’d even asked Davis’ parents “for permission” for her hand in marriage, “a few months ago.” Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Davis, 25 —whose career has further taken off as a DirecTV spokesperson — is originally from the U.S. Virgin Islands. And last month, she and Jeter were spotted on a romantic getaway to Italy.

And now Jeets himself has confirmed that he’s definitely marrying Davis, 25. There’s even a ring photo. It’s estimated to be a $150,00-$200,000 ring.

As for the dog blog, Jeter sounds like a guy who’s bored and about to become an old married guy.

When I first got Kane, I panicked a little. I’m lying. Actually, I panicked a lot. We had some epic standoffs at the beginning. He was energetic, thought he was king of the house, and I was a nervous owner. Kane would bite and nip and not pay attention to anything I said. My panicking was probably making him panic.
This month, he turns one, and now weighs over 100 pounds. But despite his size, he still tries to sit on my lap. Over the last year, the more we get used to each other, the calmer we’ve both become.

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