Bama Fans Wanted For Using Stolen Credit Cards At…Walmart

As was pointed out to me on Twitter this morning, it’s getting pretty cliche at this point when we post Bama fans ripping off Walmart. Ever been to Alabama? No? Let me paint a picture real fast: truck stops, Taco Bells, fleabag motels and Walmarts. That’s it. Drive I-20 sometime from the Mississippi line to Birmingham. You’ll see what I’m talking about.
I’ve never been in the area around northern Montgomery, Alabama, but I assume it’s the same scenario because that’s where the latest Bama suspected thieves were caught on camera about to rip off a Walmart just 49 miles from Auburn.
From WSFA:

Elmore County authorities are looking for a man and woman suspected of breaking into several vehicles at a residence. The vehicles were broken into on Dec. 7 in the Jasmine Hill community. A designer purse along with several credit cards were stolen.
Authorities believe the suspects immediately used the stolen cards to buy $1,000 worth of merchandise at the Wetumpka Walmart. The couple allegedly came back later with another couple and purchased some big ticket items at the store using another stolen card.

And it looks like Bama Boy’s buddy is also wearing a Bama hat. Bama being Bama.
The locals are busy over on the WSFA Facebook account theorizing on who this might be. It’s a fun conversation.


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