How Many Stories Did Robert Nkemdiche Really Fall?

How far did Robert Nkemdiche fall this weekend from an Atlanta hotel? Did he fall four stories (total) in one of the craziest survival stories in the history of hotel falls? Or did he just fall off a wall, which is being calculated as a 15-foot or so fall? Oh, and he was arrested for having pot. I couldn’t care less about that part of the story. I’m here for the fall details.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that the fall was just 15 feet, but…Nkemdiche’s room was on the 4th floor.

Authorities believe he broke out the double-paned window of his fourth-floor hotel room and somehow got onto a ledge, then fell. Several “associates” were at the scene, one report said, “however none of them claimed to know what transpired.” The associates were not named.
“Is it undetermined why or how Mr. Nkemdiche made it over the two ledges onto the ground,” police said. “Neither Mr. Nkemdiche nor his associates would provide this information.”


So we have 15-feet Twitter truthers correcting the 4-story crowd. Let’s hear from one of the “associates” who was allegedly there and watched the fall go down.
From @Peepleschamp21:

Peepleschamp says he’ll be providing details “later” on what really went down at that Atlanta hotel. What we do know is that Nkemdiche only has a visible scratch on his forehead in the mugshot.

Nkemdiche was found “laying on the concrete” in front of an interior driveway at the Hyatt.

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Adolphus Washington Reportedly Cited for Solicitation
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