16 NSFW Black Dudes React To Andy Dalton’s Broken Thumb


It was in the low to mid 60s here in northern Ohio on Sunday so I was outside grilling, drinking a beer and enjoying a mid-December day of wearing shorts and not shoveling snow. And then I came inside to hear my father-in-law tell me that Andy Dalton threw a pick and injured his thumb tackling a guy. My initial reaction was that the trip to the locker room was just a precaution.

Went back out to turn the chicken, came back in and Dalton had a cast and that’s when it hit me — the season was over. It didn’t really faze me. This is the Bengals being the Bengals. You ever see Tom Brady tackle a guy and break his thumb? Nope. Only my Bengals.

Anyway, the NSFWBDs were fired up because most of them had Dalton starting in fantasy playoffs. Prayers fellas. Hate to see you take the L like that.