Bama Fan Selling 5 Ton Military Tailgating Truck – $65,000 OBO



We received word this morning from Jeremy A., the guy behind the Bama Tailgating 5-ton military truck that you’ve seen on GameDay, announcing that he’s selling his beast for $65,000 or best offer. We’re talking about a 1984 6X6 featuring a Cummins 250 with an Allison transmission with a rebuilt motor (2010) and only 1,300 miles on it since the rebuild. The interior section on the bed features 238 sq. ft. of entertaining space, air conditioning and space on the roof to hold the wildest tailgating parties in the SEC.

More details on Jeremy’s beast:

The truck is decorated with a variety of Alabama graphics. The sides feature the round Alabama Crimson Tide logo measuring 48″ in diameter. The doors have the Alabama A measuring 24″ in height. The engine hood contains the Alabama elephant head logo measuring 42″ wide while the front bumper reads “Roll Tide” on each side. Above the cab we have added the Alabama Crimson Tide wordmark logo measuring 42″ wide. The back doors read “Roll Tide” with two flags hanging from each side.

In other words, you’ll own the baddest tailgating truck in Bama history. Women will love you. Men will envy you. GameDay will feature you.

This is the first military truck we’ve seen converted into a tailgating ride, but it’s not the first time we’ve come across military trucks being converted to recreational use. A’s pitcher Jesse Chavez showed up to Spring Training in a $40,000 M35A2. And that truck doesn’t have room to through a rager. This Bama truck is a no brainer for a legit Bama fan looking to jump up a class in the superfan division.



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