Royals Announcer Ryan Lefebvre Calls Mike Moustakas’ Home Run


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Man, the Kansas City Royals have it all: annoyingly good defense, playoff beards, Kacie McDonnell, fights with teams every other week, etc., etc. And if all that cool stuff wasn’t enough, their announcer Ryan Lefebvre is also a goddamn wizard.

During the sixth inning of Wednesday night’s Royals-White Sox game, Lefebvre predicted a Mike Moustakas home run off Jose Quintana. Oh, and Lefebvre didn’t just call the blast — he also nailed the type of pitch Quintana would throw and the ball’s destination:

Pretty much the only thing missing here is video reaction from Lefebvre.

We’ll just have to settle with Greg Amsinger’s walk-off call from a year ago to have both worlds:

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