I'm Pro-Girls Selfie-ing Footlong Photos At Baseball Games

What has happened to society? I’m constantly bombarded with this question on my personal Facebook timeline. How many times do I need to remind my parents, my aunts, my uncles, people over 55, etc. that their kids and their friends all want to be superstars. These fools have grown up watching sisters get famous because the one sister got boned on video, which turned into a shitshow on E!
Am I shocked that a gang of college chicks last night at the Diamondbacks game were posing with a footlong for IG or SnapChat. Not a bit. Am I shocked that there was a college chick going fishlips while two of her friends were smiling for a footlong selfie? Again, not a bit. This is the world we were promised years ago when satellites were blasted into space and promised a whole new life where we could upload footlong selfies that would erase after 10 seconds.
Everyone wanted to be a star. Now you can be a star.

I’m beyond the age that SnapChat is going after, which is the 13-25 generation. It’s an odd app for anyone heading into their late 20s unless you’re a late bloomer and haven’t sophisticated your life by the time 30 rolls around. Then you graduate back to IG until you’re around 40 (except for the baby photos; those go to Facebook starting around 33).
Turns out this gang of footlong fanatics are ASU Chi Omegas (@asu_axo).

I love that there are entire packs of girls selfie-ing the shit out of themselves at a baseball game. It’s strange that they’re even at a baseball game, so you have to embrace it. The sport has become so damn boring in the stands that I’m now left with hot dog selfie-ing as entertainment. I once put a Playboy model behind home plate at a Brewers game. I’ve tried to give MLB the recipe for success in a viral environment.
Instead I’m left with this douche attending 500 games a year.

That’s the society we live in.

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Reporter Alanna Rizzo Battled Through the Dodgers’ Locker Room Celebration
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