Cops: Bama Fan Tried To Kill Mom Over Chores, Threatens To Rip Apart Her Cat



Bama fan Stewart Butler is having a bad late summer/early fall, according to his Facebook page and news reports out of Florida this week where he was arrested for attempted murder on his mother. Stew, 27, is going through a divorce and recently moved to Daytona from Alabama where he was married and had a young child. Police say he went nuts this week on his mom…over chores.

And he threatened to kill her kitten and make her eat the cat, according to mom’s 911 call.

From WESH:

Police said Butler and his mother had been arguing about chores inside their apartment on South Palmetto Avenue just before 2 a.m. He allegedly became so angry at his mother that he threw her cat against a wall twice and threatened to cut the cat in half and make his mother eat it, police said.

Investigators said Butler’s mother became frightened and ran outside, where Butler followed her with a shotgun and fired in her direction. A round hit the ground just a few feet from where the victim was standing, police said.

Add in the divorce, moving in with mom, Bama losing to Ole Miss, chores, that kitten and you have a powder keg.

Police said they found a small crater in the ground where the shotgun pellets exploded, and the shotgun itself was hidden beneath a car parked next to the suspect’s car. Before the shooting, the victim told officers Butler went after her kitten.

“He’s thrown my cat against the wall, and he told me he would rip her apart and make me eat her. Please hurry, I’m very scared,” she said.

The Daytona News-Journal has more details from the police report, but you get the idea. Stew lost his mind. Off the cliff. Life will never be the same. And now he won’t get to see the Bama-Georgia game. Not a smart move, bro.

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