Here We Go Again…49ers Fans Fighting Cardinals Fans

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What if I told you 49ers fans were in a halftime fight on Sunday at Arizona. Not shocked, right? At this point I’m more shocked when 49ers fans aren’t fighting and getting arrested. They’re quickly taking over Eagles fan’s crown as the biggest scumbags in the NFL. There was the whole curb stomping of a Vikings fan by multiple 49ers fans to get the season started. Then there was the Buffalo Wild Wings patio brawl in Week 2.

Now this in Week 3. Bolded for emphasis.


“People were yelling back and forth about which team sucks and all that when a fight broke out and quickly spread like a wildfire,” Harmon said. “I didn’t get the first part on video because I was right by it, and a 49er fan literally set what looked like a 4-year-old down to join the fight.

“The kid was dangerously close to this fight and was crying in fear. I grabbed him and took him to a safe spot and then started my video. One of my close friends who I was at the game with was a Niner fan in the middle of it, and my other two friends were Cardinals fans in the video trying to break it up. There was only one security guard, and they definitely couldn’t control the situation.”

The video isn’t great because someone has a horrible phone, but you can definitely see someone getting kicked. Like I always say, I’ll just stay home and watch the game on the couch. The beer is cheap, I can take a nap in peace and 49ers fans aren’t going to kick, stab or shoot me.