Wives & Girlfriends of the MLB: NL East

13. Brittani Hopkins - Drew Storen


When the season began, the National League East was supposed to be the best division in the National League, on paper. Many people, us too, believed that the Washington Nationals had the best team in baseball thanks to the addition of Max Scherzer.

However, we were all wrong. The New York Mets have spent most of the season on top, near the middle, and now back on top. It has been fun to watch and they are now pulling away from the Nationals for the division title after being back a few games a month ago.

As for the Phillies, Marlins, and Braves, well, they are trying very hard to finish the season strong. We were not expecting the Phillies to struggle as poorly as they have but they have called up a lot of new young talented future stars to give them hope for next season.

What about the WAGs? We are wasting your time talking about the division when we should be showing you the talent in the stands.

This is the list of the Hottest WAGs of the NL East.