Justin Verlander Got Blackout Drunk On Kate Upton’s 22nd Birthday…Because He Had ‘Worst Game Ever’

Kate Upton

Kate Upton showed up today in an ESPN feature on the Ricketts family and how the Cubs have been transformed under the family’s leadership. Kate, according to the story, became friends with the Ricketts family, oddly enough, on her 21st birthday. She got drunk and now here she is a Cubs insider thanks to her Uncle Fred introducing her to Tom and the boys.

There’s also a fun story from Kate about how Justin Verlander celebrated her 22nd birthday in 2014 when his career was a mess.

“It was my birthday, and he had probably like his worst game ever, and no one had any idea how he’d respond to his worst game ever,” Upton says. “He vented to me in the car and was like, ‘I am going to get blackout drunk.’ So a bunch of us went out and got blackout drunk! I had really good plans to eat popcorn and watch a movie, but he was like, ‘I don’t want to think about it, at all.’ ”

Later, Upton recounts how she became friends with the Ricketts family on her 21st birthday two years ago. Standing in the elevator of her New York apartment building, she heard a voice that sounded like her dad’s making jokes about hitting all of the buttons on the elevator before they got off at their floor. “I was like, ‘God, he’s making stupid jokes. He’s so annoying.’ ” Then she looked up and realized the man was her uncle, Fred Upton. “I was like, ‘Uncle Fred! I’m related to you.’ ” Her uncle, a Republican congressman from Michigan, was in town for a meeting with the Ricketts family. Kate went to her apartment, threw on some clothes and joined the party.

“And I had to help her out of the elevator when she came home from the club,” Todd adds.

“Yeah, I was throwing up at his parents’ house. It was so embarrassing,” she says. “Just kidding!”

Very, very interesting stories. Fun stories. Stories that are rarely told.

The game in question that led to Verlander getting blackout drunk happened on June 11 (her birthday is June 10) in Chicago when the White Sox lit him up for seven earned over 5 2/3 in an 8-2 loss. It wasn’t his worst game up to that point – there was an 8 ER game in 2013 – but we’ll go with the story because it’s fun.

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Kate Upton needs to tell more drinking stories. You know what would be awesome? The Kate Upton Drinking Podcast. I’d listen.