41 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Week 3 Of The NFL

What a week it was. The Bengals took control of the AFC North…until they give it back to the MCL-shredded Big Ben in December…who will be out 4-6 and that means Mike Vick gets back into the league. You also had Andy Dalton playing like the MVP and connecting with AJ Green for a monster fantasy week in Baltimore. You also had plenty of NSFWBDs angry at Matt Stafford’s home performance as the Lions went to 0-3 and straight out of the playoff picture.
It’s still September, but the BDs already sense a trend. They know the Patriots will likely run the table so they don’t even eff with Bill and Tom. These guys have too much respect for that franchise. They also know the Bears are trash because some guy named Jimmy Clausen is still in the league. They know Russ Wilson won’t be getting any ass after the game. They know Mariota is going to be great. They know the Falcons haven’t played anybody.
It’s early and I hate to say this, but the NSFWBDs are dick riding Andy Dalton a little too much. I’m pretty uncomfortable with all of this. I know this means the Bengals will crumble in December and lose out on the first round bye.
Anyway, the BDs remain undefeated.

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