25 NSFW Black Dudes React To The Blood Moon



It’s not like the NSFW Black Dudes are watching something tonight like Halley’s Comet streak across the dark sky. That won’t happen again until 2062. We’re talking about a blood moon and it won’t happen again until 2033. The big issue that some NSFWBDs had tonight was how to see the blood moon when it’s cloudy. Huge issue. Looks like these guys will just have to chill until 2033. You’re talking about 18 years until the next blood.┬áLeonard Fournette will be retiring around that time with the all-time rushing record.

The other big issue tonight is that some NSFWBDs have an issue with the moon being called a “blood” moon. There are some who think the Crips are being slighted in the whole moon game.

Anyway, these guys never fail to have their fingers on the pulse of pop culture. Once again, they’re undefeated.