College Football Roundup – Week 3

There’s a clear need for a full post for college football photos and videos because you crazy bastards are sending in so much content that I’m just going to shove it into one spot on Mondays and let you see it all in one place. I don’t care how you send it. Find me on IG, you know where I’m at on Twitter, SnapChat is “BustedCoverage” and the email is fairly easy: [email protected] There’s even a tip hotline at the top of the page where you can send things and remain anonymous.
I’ll RT the best shit you guys send.
What’s clear is that we have BC followers in pretty much every location across the country looking for fans getting arrested, puking, passed out, etc. We’re humming along, boys. Keep it up. Pass the word.

Life comes at you fast

Probably still sleeping under a Fresno tree

Let’s head to Penn State where this bro was preparing for a steel cage match

Just like old times between Nebraska-Miami

At Iowa State-Toledo

There’s Ole Miss class & then there’s Mississippi State

Looks like he got it!

So many great moments from the Bama game…they dynasty is over

When Western Carolina is losing 55-10 to the Vols & you might’ve had a few too many pops

Quitters at Michigan

When you’re destroying South Carolina

At Texas…someone needs a drink


Still hurts watching Cooper Bateman take that hit

Might be broken

JT better get his ass in shape…it’s his ship the rest of the way

What I’ll be doing tonight because this weekend kicked my ass

And finally…Arkansas’ season is over…Bert’s done…he’s 11-17 at Arkansas and now has a loss to Toledo on his record



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A Day In The Life Of The Muni Lot…An American Tailgating Treasure
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