Arizona State QB Mike Bercovici’s Girlfriend Jaylee Merrill Is Back



We first told you about Arizona State quarterback Mike Bercovici’s girlfriend, cheerleader Jaylee Merrill, way back in February when she burst onto the scene as the hands down hottest girlfriend in college football. And not much has changed since then. There have been challenges from Trevor Knight’s girlfriend. You also have Florida QB Will Grier’s girlfriend, a former NFL cheerleader. It’s no contest.

I’ve been at this game for going on eight years. Jaylee Merrill is top 3 hottest college QB girlfriend over that span. I can’t name the other two off the top of my head, so Jaylee might just be the hottest. I know you guys are super cynical and you’ll tell me there’s some chick at Florida State or LSU or some other southern school that’s hotter and dating the backup. You’re not going to change my opinion here. The hottest cheerleader in college football is dating the guy quarterbacking ASU. This is how the Internet draws it up but never fully executes.

What’s clear is that if you have the remote chance of ever attending Arizona or Arizona State, please do it. Grad school. Doctorate. Going back to school just because. Thank me later.

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