Trevor Knight’s New Girlfriend Is Rachel Wyatt, A Clemson Cheerleader



Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight has traded in one hot girlfriend for another hot girlfriend. Knight is now dating Rachel Wyatt, a Clemson cheerleader, after spending last year dating a Tri Delt chemical engineering major named Kate Williams.

How did this whole situation go down where Knight is suddenly dating a Clemson cheerleader? We’re still studying the evidence and will need this question raised at the Big 12 media days which will be held July 20-21 in Dallas.

What we do know is that Knight and Wyatt spend the July 4 weekend at Disney World. Why is this little nugget important? Because Orlando is where Clemson destroyed Oklahoma 40-6 back on December 29 in the Citrus Bowl. Knight was 17 of 37 for 103 yards and 3 INTs. But, it appears he got a new girlfriend out of this whole situation so he can now smile in that city.

Other little tidbits about Rachel:

• Won Miss Outstanding Teen at the Miss America 2013 pageant

• From Piedmont, South Carolina

• Won $37,000 in college scholarship money from winning pageants

How will these two keep a long-distance relationship together? Late night Snapchats? Facetime? The schools do have the same bye date on September 26. That should help.

[Rachel Wyatt – IG]