Meet Florida QB Will Grier's Girlfriend Jeanne O'Neil

It’s real good to be Will Grier. I’m talking really, really good to be Florida Gators quarterback Will Grier. This guy is in such demand by hot chicks that he’s had two Instagram official relationships while at Florida and hasn’t even played a down. And these aren’t just any girlfriends, we’re talking world-class hot chicks that Grier is pulling.
The latest girlfriend is former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader Jeanne O’Neil, who is also a Florida student. Will’s relationship with “The Next Katherine Webb” candidate Taylor Walker ended in 2014 and she rebounded with NASCAR good old boy Austin Dillon.
Hey, it’s the SEC. These quarterbacks don’t mess around in the girlfriend department. They’re like F1 drivers south of the Ohio River. These hot chicks attach themselves to a quarterback and usually try to ride all the way to the NFL Draft. Some hit it big, some flame out and watch their NFL busts flame out before making any money.
The good news here is that O’Neil can give Will some pointers on the NFL life. She spent a couple years cheering on the Buccaneers sidelines through some of the most brutal seasons in Tampa history, including last year’s 2-14 disaster. Now she’s a full-time Florida student, sorority sister and about to become a household name on the Internet — if Will can lockdown the starting job.


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