A Season With Chicago Bears Fans: Fake Mike Ditka, Cheese Grater Hats, Jalepeno Poppers Jersey – Week One

I wish I could tell you that the Bears fans were just as wild as the Bills fans this weekend, but then I would be lying to you. The Bills fans are on another level when it comes to tailgating and drinking. People were throwing up everywhere, dancing, rapping, and a random goat showed up.
You would think week one in Chicago against the Packers is a recipe for disaster, especially since the Bears suck. Going into this I was expecting people to be drinking their sorrows away after Aaron Rodgers beat them for the 100th time in a row, but it was relatively low key.
Fake Mike Ditka won the tailgate. The dude basically took pictures with every person at the game. Also, the day ended with Bears fans giving up on Jay Cutler one game into the season by already burning his jersey.







Tennessee Fan Grabbing Rack
Tennessee Fan Grabbing Rack
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