Tennessee Fan Grabbing Rack



Imagine being dad and you’re watching from home. You know your daughter and her boyfriend are at the game because she keeps sending texts telling you to make sure you’re watching because they have great seats and the camera might show her. You’re already glued to the TV because you pay the tuition bill and you’re a huge Vols fan.

Everything is going just perfect. The Vols are up 10-0 on Oklahoma early in the second quarter. The Vols are back! Things couldn’t be better. This could be the year the Vols go on a roll and win the SEC East.

Annnnndddddd….then your daughter is having her chest grabbed on national TV. Ho-ly f**k.

Annnnndddddd….then the Vols┬áchoked away a 17-0 lead and lost in double-OT.