Great Moments In Skip Bayless Being Wrong On Twitter



Now that RG3 has flamed out with the Redskins and appears headed for an early exit from the NFL, this is a pretty good time to go back and laugh at the Skip Bayless troll tweets he sent out back in the day. Yes, I fully understand that the guy’s job is to be a complete troll and to take an unpopular stance so you guys will get mad and yell at the TV. As I’ve written about before, the guy has been doing this since the 1970s when Skip went in on Tony Dorsett.

Some argue that at least Skip takes strong stances and puts his balls on the table. Others argue that he just throws a bunch of garbage against the wall and right or wrong, he’s getting paid.

Still, it’s fun to look back at Skip’s misses because there’s nothing better than seeing a tweet saying Brandon Weeden was a first round steal.

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