Skip Bayless Is Leaving ESPN

It finally happened. Skip Bayless is leaving ESPN and the big money is on the 64 year old signing with Fox Sports 1 to complete the renovation of that channel. FS1 added Colin Cowherd to afternoons and many believe Skip is the final piece to the daily lineup at FS1. According to ESPN, Skip’s last day on First Take will be the day after the NBA Finals.
Will FS1 partner Clay Travis and Bayless? That’s the big question right now. Clay’s been doing his online show out of his house in Nashville while Skip’s based in New York. Is there a New World Order coming where Skip & Clay align forces and do a show for the ages from the FS1 studios in L.A.?

Here’s ESPN’s statement on Skip Bayless leaving the station:

Skip Bayless has decided to leave ESPN when his contract expires at the end of August.
His final appearance on First Take will be the day after the NBA Finals conclude.
We want to thank Skip for his many contributions to ESPN. His hard work and talent have benefited ESPN for 12 years.

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