Tony Dorsett Hated Skip Bayless 33 Years Ago [BC Way Back Machine]


Welcome to a new series here at Busted Coverage where we use the Internet to revisit some of the finer moments in sports history via our research abilities. We’ll look into the histories of athletes, members of the media and how those stories have relevancy all these years later. Today BC flashes back to 1978. The Cowboys had just beaten the Green Bay Packers and a 26-year-old Skip Bayless had attacked Tony Dorsett just two weeks before the game.

Many of you youngsters don’t remember that there was a day when newspapers were blogs. Columnists were bloggers. Paid to have an opinion and post filth that fired up readers and the better the columnists, the more newspapers you sold.

The Morning News hired him at just 25. Two years later he was hired away by the rival Times Herald for what was considered one of the highest sportswriter salaries in the U.S. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Skipper had to sell newspapers.

The result?

Monday, November 13, 1978 – Milwaukee Sentinel

A column by sportswriter Skip Bayless in the Dallas Morning News about two weeks ago carried the headline “Tony Dorsett, All-Pro Con Man,” and it began, “Before we tar and feather Tony Dorsett…”

Skipper poured it on and even went with a line about Dorsett being chauffeur driven since he was 18.

That day, after the Packers were defeated and Dorsett went for 149 on 23 carries and two TDs, the Cowboys running back fired back.

Read this and think of what it reminds you of in modern times.

30 some odd years later, Tony Dorsett would reference lynchings and the Cam Newton story. Meanwhile, Skipper continues his charade.

Have an old newspaper clipping of Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico, etc. that needs published?

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