Charles Barkley On His Old Agent: “I’d Blow His Damn Brains Out”

The name Charles Barkley was trying to say today on the Dan Patrick Show was Lance Luchnick (sounds like he’s saying Lesnick), Chuck’s former agent that he’s been beefing with for a number of years. That’s right, Charles would “blow his damn brains out.” This all came up on the DP Show when Chuck was asked about players getting paid and how the NCAA should hand out money. Charles was talking about agents getting their hands on players and that’s when Luchnick’s name came up.

Chuck hasn’t forgotten what Luchnick allegedly did a long time ago. This goes all the way back to 1988.

From the book “Money Players: A Guide to Success in Sports, Business & Life for Current and Future Pro Athletes,” written by┬áMark Isenberg.


“He was a good guy”
Early in Charles Barkley’s basketball career, he was referred to as “The Round Mound of Rebound.” Unfortunately, Sir Charles’ bank account did not swell along with his belly. Barkley selected the wrong agent and financial adviser — in his case, he hired one person to manage both functions.
Barkley on why he selected his first agent: “Lance [Luchnick] was the only agent who hadn’t given me money while I was in school. When it came down to my final selection, [not offering money] worked in his favor. I thought he had been smart enough to know that I couldn’t be bribed … I chose him for the worst reason anybody could choose an agent — write this down, kids — because he was a good guy.”

Luchnick invested Barkley’s money in speculative deals that did not pan out. Barkley lost his original investment, but his problems did not end there. As Barkley notes, “When the investment goes bad, and everyone else declares bankruptcy, they keep coming after you because you’re still earning money.” Luchnick declared bankruptcy and Barkley won a $5-million judgment — which is hard to collect from someone with no money.

Lance seems like he made a few enemies over the years, none, it seems, bigger than Chuck.