Cam Newton On A Hover Board In Charlotte 7-Eleven


This is the last thing I want to see Cam Newton doing in August is riding around a 7-Eleven on a hover board. A FREAKING HOVER BOARD IN AUGUST. Why does it matter to me so much? BECAUSE I INVESTED $1,500 IN HIS AUBURN BCS GAME PANTS AND I NEED THIS GUY TO MAKE AND WIN A SUPER BOWL. HE WINS, I COLLECT EVEN MORE MONEY.

Let’s go back to what was written last October on

Cam Newton hasn’t been himself this season thanks to offseason ankle surgery that sapped much of his mobility and magical escape ability. Newton, seven months removed from the procedure, said at first he didn’t realize the extent to which the surgery would hinder him.

And now the guy is cruising around a 7-Eleven on some stupid novelty item that is one wrong move away from cracking one of Cam’s ankles. I just can’t let this go. Why take the chance of some crazed fan running up to you and tripping you like that guy on the Segway did to Usain Bolt?

Use your head, bro. You’re already down Kelvin Benjamin. Let’s take things serious.



I don’t care if this guy gets hurt cruising around Whole Foods