Jaime Edmondson Gets In Cam Newton’s BCS Pants [PHOTOS]

You guys have no idea how much work went into making this Jaime Edmondson in Cam Newton’s BCS Pants possible. This process started way back in May when we (I) dropped $1,525 for the pants. The emailers soon followed with hate mail and “Why would you possibly spend that amount of money for Scam Newton’s pants?”

The answer is simple: marketing. The idea was that the pants would take on a life of their own. Thanks to Jaime that happens tonight.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think Jaime would offer to get in Cam’s pants. Came out of left field. But she’s a trooper. Worked with us for weeks to show you guys what a hot woman in a famous pair of football pants looks like.

Our researchers tell us that this is the first time in football history that a Heisman Trophy winner, 1st pick in the NFL Draft & BCS Champion QB has had his pants worn by a Playboy Playmate. To say we’re excited to drop this gallery on an unsuspecting Internet is an understatement.

Go wild, Auburn. This probably isn’t happening again in your lifetime.

Thanks to Jaime, the Coed staff, photographer Josh Ryan, our great Internet supporters, etc. Now click away. 

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Watch Our Live Interview With Jaime Edmondson From Cam Newton’s Pants Party: 7:30 P.M. [VIDEO]
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