Buy This Pretty Nice Baltimore Ravens Tailgate Truck — $13,500


Baltimore Ravens tailgate vehicles don’t come around often, but when they do, they’re always a hit. Over the months, we’ve seen an army truck (that can plow snow), a Peterbilt truck and tasteful taste 1976 Winnebago.

Today, we have a 1999 Volkswagen Eurovan that has been pimped out with a unique Ravens paint job. As you can see above, a Raven ready to snap the ball is the very definition of elite in our eyes. And this van doesn’t just boast style, the seller has also made sure it remains in tip-top shape:

New transmission in 2012 $ 4850.00 + $ 1550.77 labor
New Lower ball joints in 2012 $ 123.98
New Tire rod ends in 2012 $ 192.12
New Battery in 2015 $ 105.00

Custom Baltimore Ravens paint job… *** A MUST SEE ***

Interior: Has purple seats and carpet table and chairs :)

Bathroom & kitchen have been removed to make more room.

The one problem we have is sacrificing the bathroom for more capacity. People come and go, but a convenient place to go No. 2 is priceless. Nonetheless, it’s still a nice van that you probably shouldn’t shell out $13,500 for.