Ravens Inspired 1993 AM General Can Plow Snow—$17,000

If you’ve been paying attention to the content this week, we come across tons of tailgating vehicles. Ambulances, creeper vans, golf carts, etc.—you name it and there’s probably some wacko out there who’s converted the thing into a moving man cave.
As you can see above, this even includes a 1993 AM General army truck that might have carried soldiers at some point. More information from the seller:

1993 AM General 2 1/2 ton 6×6 aka Duce and a Half for sale. Low miles, well maintained. Ultimate tailgating vehicle, purple accent lighting, dvd player/ radio, 10′ angled snow plow, dump truck. 12/24 Alternator, 12 volt inverters. You won’t find a better army truck for the price! $17,000 obo

There’s also some subtle detailing that he or she didn’t mention, like the player numbers on the wheels.
After doing some research, those of you in Baltimore should definitely try to negotiate this baby down from $17,000. That number appears to be in the high range in terms of pricing. Granted, this might be the only General that has Raven touches.
As an added bonus, it looks like the thing can also plow snow.

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Buy A Bears Tailgating Ambulance — $8,000
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