Bills Fans Super Pumped to See Rex Ryan’s Truck Again

Anyone know if Rex Ryan still has that Bills pickup truck? I saw it 1 hour ago on thru way headed east toward Victor exit. Training camp?

— Amerk_Andy88 (@Amerk_Andy88) July 29, 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Rex Ryan’s decked out Buffalo Bills truck. In fact, the last time someone spotted the thing was back in May, when we were worried about all the fans snapping pictures of it while driving.

But our fears have been suppressed, as Rex is back from his offseason palace in Nashville and rolling in his truck once again. Though our safety concerns still remain, as it appears people are now racing Rex:

Raced rex ryan on the thruway. His truck can't fuck with the explorer #24 #jeff

— Zach Liberatore (@Z_Libs12) July 26, 2015

Rex and Bills fans are way too pumped about training camp.