Bills Fans Should Probably Stop Taking Pictures of Rex Ryan’s Truck While Driving

Hey there, Buffalo Bills fans. I know you’re all pumped about the New England Patriots getting fined, Tom Brady’s suspension, and their loss of draft picks (that Bill Belichick will get back somehow), but we need to put that on hold and have a firm discussion about Rex Ryan’s truck.
Yes, it’s a sweet ride in your team’s favorite colors and makes you all warm and fuzzy about what the 2015 season may hold. However, I’m a bit concerned that some people may be risking lives the lives of others to take a picture of the truck while driving. Just yesterday these pictures surfaced on Twitter:

I’m aware that a good chunk of the truck photos on the Internet could have been taken by a passenger, but there’s enough evidence out there to know that some were definitely taken by whoever was driving.
Huge red flag. Texting while driving is hard — and dangerous — enough, folks. People have enough crap to be worried about on the road (shit drivers, drunk drivers, texters, bad radio stations). All I’m asking is for people to chill out and get your snapshot when the pickup is parked at Buffalo Wild Wings like a normal person.

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