Scumbag Eagles Fan Wanted For Claw Hammer Attack On Polo Worker At DC Outlet Store



DC-area police are looking for a scumbag Eagles fan who attacked a worker at a Polo outlet store in Leesburg, Virginia. Again, I’ve said it over and over this week, FOOTBALL IS BACK. This sort of thing seems to happen every late July/early August. It never fails that some dirtbag bro will take a claw hammer to a store employee. Of course it’ll be an Eagles fan.

WTOP reports:

The Leesburg police say around 6:30 p.m., a clerk at the Polo Ralph Lauren store at the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets was escorting the suspect to a fitting room when the suspect hit the clerk in the neck with the claw end of the hammer, causing two puncture wounds. The suspect then ran off.

The victim, an 18-year-old man, is in stable condition at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

“The victim is telling us, he as no idea who the person is who did this or why this would have happened,” says Lt. Jeff Dube with Leesburg Police.

Odd, right? That’s just how Eagles fans roll. Now, I’ll get attacked saying that I’m picking on Philly fans and that there are worse fans out there. Philly fans will reference the Bryan Stow attack. They’ll try to deflect from the fact that Philly fans are the biggest scumbags in sports. I’ve told them to just embrace that status and not get so bent out of shape. Look, the facts are the facts. Philly just needs to stop acting like their fans aren’t pure shit.

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