Looks Like Charles Barkley Has Straightened Out His Golf Swing


Just look at this thing of beauty. Chuck’s still got it. The golf game is still a complete disaster and the guy just keeps going out there to be laughed at by fans. You’d think at some point, like after this weekend at the American Century Championship in Tahoe, Chuck would shut it down and call it a career.

Not Chuck.

Actually, he is shutting down his golf game after the ACC to have hip surgery. Jeremy Roenick explained to the Reno Gazette-Journal why Chuck keeps doing it.

“Even though he knows that people are going to laugh at him and people are going to criticize his swing and they’re going to say a lot of things, he continues to come out every year and he continues to be one of the best guys with the fans and one of the best guys with the group,” Roenick said. “And he understands that it’s as much a business and a show as it is a tournament. And the fact that we come out here knowing that we can compete the play, he knows that he can come out here and make this tournament more recognizable and more of a big event.”

And people are placing souvenir bets on Barkley to win it all. That’s how important Chuck is to this tournament. The guy held off his hip replacement surgery until after he finishes last this weekend. What a great guy.