AJ Hawk Lights Up Fan At American Century Golf Tourney – Again



OK, so this is a reunion between A.J. Hawk and a guy he lit up in 2014 at the American Century Championship. The Century got rolling today in Tahoe with a practice round where fans get liquored up, have tons of interaction with famous athletes and celebrities and then Hawk lights up a guy.

You know the deal with this tourney: Charles Barkley will take over the Harrah’s club at some point and buy shots for everyone. He’ll get on stage and sing – badly. This stuff has been going on for nearly as long as BC has been alive. It’s clockwork.

There’s always the possibility that a giant inflatable penis will show up on the beach and on the NBC broadcast. Keep your head on a swivel this weekend.

Actually,¬†Charles has already started buying beer for the fans…this guy is the greatest

Looks like Ray Allen will be Barkley’s wingman this year…this was from Wednesday night: