Video: Michael Jordan & An Inflatable Penis Share Face Time On NBC


Update: The owner of the inflatable penis speaks!!!

Update #2: The giant rod confronts Jordan on the course!!!!

We’ve been efforting our sources all morning for crazy photos and/or videos from the American Century Championship in Tahoe.

Antoine Walker managed to finish 82nd even with possible jail time on his mind. Barkley finished last after a Sunday surge from Chuck Liddell. Rick Rhoden outdueled the newly single Tony Romo for the title.

But the real news was Michael Jordan and an inflatable penis in the same frame on NBC.

Posted: July 19, 2009

Premise of Video: The American Century Championship fans are known to be rowdy, drunk boaters who cruise into the beach to watch the action.

Climax of Video: “…and a nice up and down three for….”

Conclusion: Expect NBC to come down hard on tourney organizers for this gaffe. Boaters will now be patted down before stepping foot on the beach for the 2010 tourney. All it takes is one giant plastic dong to ruin all the fun.