Meet Kate Williams – Girlfriend Of Oklahoma’s Trevor Knight


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Yep, we have another girlfriend of a BCS quarterback that you should know about. Meet Oklahoma student Kate Williams, the girlfriend of Sooners quarterback Trevor Knight (@trevor_knight9).

Williams, a Tri Delt chemical engineering major, might not be a Lindsey Duke or a Katherine Webb, but she’s dating a freshman quarterback who could become the next big thing in college football so she gets recognition. The other hot chicks are passing her the torch.

The big difference with Williams is that she’s on the Bible side of things. She RTs Joel Osteen.

That doesn’t mean she’s soft. Take this August tweet from @katenwilliams:

I hate when people assume I’m stupid because I look a certain way, because i wear certain things, or because I’m part of a certain sorority.

Welcome to the big stage (thanks to @Cantu_18 for the heads up).


Update: Calm down, Katy Perry. Stop hitting on a freshman QB who already has a girlfriend.


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