Buy This Insane Eagles Tailgate Bus — $85,000



The Philadelphia Eagles tailgate vehicles continue to come in hot during the summer season, and it’s safe to say the 2011 Fleetwood Bounder above is easily the best of the bunch thus far. We might even say it could stand on its own in a head-to-head battle with a premiere tailgate like the Bengals armored truck.

According to the owner, he’s spent over $150,000 on upgrades, so you know you’re getting a quality product. However, you’ll definitely have to get rid of the Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy graphics on the side.

More information from the seller:

Bought new in 2012 as a 2011 leftover, paid over 150k total with all upgrades. Gas RV, around 8000 miles. Been driven 25-30 times to games from atlantic county, NJ only. Never slept in, never vacationed in, literally only used to Eagles games (and a few flyers games as well).

Some upgrades include: Custom Shrink Wrap with players logos, etc. We normally change this up every few years, and it is due again to replace Foles, Shady with some new players. We can set you up to have this done now before season starts if you wish. Cost is around 2000.00 per side of bus. Front and back are classic and we never change them.

Additional highlights of the Eagles bus:

  • $15,000 stereo upgrade
  • $3,000 HD satellite dish
  • (2) XBox Ones
  • $150,000 custom interior
  • Custom LED lighting

Obviously, the market for this tailgate will be limited considering the price is nearing $100,000, but man, it’s an absolute beauty. We couldn’t think of a better place to pregame before a viewing of the Chip Kelly experience.






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