Buy This Kansas City Chiefs Short Bus — $5,500



After coming across an armored Bengals truck last night, it’s safe to say the bar has been raised in the tailgate department. Basically, we’re never going to be impressed again because really, an ARMORED TRUCK!? Nothing will ever come close to that.

On any other day I’d be impressed that someone decided to build custom wood benches for the Chiefs bus above, but now all I can do is shrug and say, “Oh, that’s cute.”

Information from the seller:

For sale is this 1990 Chevrolet S6000 school bus that has been fully converted into a Kansas City Chiefs tailgating bus. The bus has been equipped with bench seating that comfortably seats 14 passengers (plus driver) and has pleny of storage room in the rear to hold a grill, bags, keg, TV, folding chairs, and all the essentials to host a tailgate of 50+ people. The bus is in great working order and we never had an issue of starting this diesel hog despite single digit temps before the late season games.

Additional highlights of the Chiefs bus:

  • Alpine Speakers
  • Mounted flat screen TV
  • Custom wooden benches
  • Beer tap

On the real, this is a pretty nice short bus. It looks to be well maintained, the inside isn’t gross and you can have a monster party. That’s all you can really ask for in a tailgate. Though we will say that the exterior is a bit … blah.







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