Massive Baylor Tight End Threw Out The First Pitch At The Rangers Game

First off, let me start by saying this: 1st pitches have become way too liberal these days. It’s ridiculous. Every night some “celebrity” is out on the bump and it’s bringing down the value of the ceremonial first pitch. At this point, Joe Kinsey himself would get asked to throw one out in Cleveland if it wasn’t for the fact that all of the fans would probably murder him.

Let’s just bring it down a notch and not let any pseudo-celebrity throw them out.

Which brings me to my exception, if the pseudo-celebrity is a giant fat person, then I’m all for it. Friday at the Rangers game, Baylor tight end, LaQuan Mcgowan, threw out the first pitch. I normally wouldn’t agree with this, but look at this guy.


Dude is MASSIVE and surprisingly threw a decent pitch.

My Braves do need a bullpen lefty.