Jameis Winston Got Denied At The Club Last Night For Wearing Shorts

I’m an intern at Busted Coverage, meaning I’m in college and also meaning I’m the same age as Jameis Winston. He has A LOT more money and fame and women and athleticism and basically everything else in the world than me. However, I’m pretty positive I’m smarter than him. That may not be saying much, but I think I am, and I understand social cues and how to dress in certain situations.
Last night, Jameis tried to go to the Blue Martini Lounge in Tampa, which supposed to be an upscale bar and club area. He showed up like this:

Key word: upscale. He got denied, which goes to show either he’s the dumbest person ever or he actually thought he could wear his track jacket, shorts, and black Nike socks into Tampa’s nicest bar because he’s the #1 pick in the draft.
It very well could be the latter, because if I was the #1 pick in the draft in that dump of a city they call Tampa, I would pretty much think I was the mayor. So I don’t exactly blame him, but still come on, Jameis. Did you really think, you could show up to an upscale bar like that?
Also, the guy who originally tweeted the picture makes a good point.

This bar might get crushed for not letting the savior in their club, but they are getting crazy pub from me posting this.
Update: I had a thousand angry people from Tampa tweeting me last night telling me this bar isn’t the nicest in Tampa and that it’s in a mall. First of all, I’m not a journalist so I’m not investigating the nicest bars in the city and I don’t care because it isn’t the story. Second of all, Tampa still sucks.

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