Nick Saban Takes Bama Players Tubing On Lake Burton

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Can I believe that Nick Saban is dressed classy while taking Bama players tubing on Lake Burton? Doesn’t shock me. Nick Saban is a CEO of a football franchise where players have come to expect him to be classy, in charge and professional even when he’s driving a boat. You don’t see this guy wearing trunks and a tank. That’s not Nick’s style when players are in his presence. He’s obviously hosting a BBQ where members of the team are enjoying some down time by boating with the greatest college football coach the sport has ever known.
Do you see those players acting dumb? They know better.
Do you hear a radio blasting Rick Ross, or some Tech N9ne? Of course you don’t. That would compromise safety.
You don’t build the greatest college football program known to man by being a coach who acts like a fool. You idiots who bash Nick Saban day after day need to realize how great he really is. And how great he is off the field. Those boys now know what it is like to be a responsible boat owner and how to enjoy a nice, peaceful day on the lake.
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