Bama Fan Arrested For Robbing Bank



The genius behind @IsolatedBammers never seems to miss a moment in Bama fan arrests. Take this incident that went down over the weekend when a Bama fan went into a Mobile, Alabama bank and left with an illegal withdrawal. Most of the time these stories just fade away into Internet history….but the guy was wearing a Bama jacket, which makes it much more valuable. 

It didn’t take long before the Foley Police Department had a suspect. Bama fan robbed the bank early Saturday and police allegedly caught their guy the same day.

Thanks to quick action by the Foley police department and the Gulf Shores Police Department the suspect from today’s robbery of Well’s Fargo Bank has been captured and arrested. Phillip Cody Payne, 30 years of age, has been arrested and charged with Robbery 1st.

The bad news here is that someone will likely miss several Bama football seasons over this. Phil will likely never see Saban coach another game. Not good, Phil.