Buy This Custom Florida Gators Jeep Wrangler — $74,550


Are Jeep Wrangler tailgates becoming the new hot thing? Because after featuring the UT San Antonio Jeep last week, we’ve come across yet another one — for the Florida Gators. It’ll only set your back around $74,000.

Highlights of the 2015 Sobe Tailgate Edition Jeep:

  • Custom Front Bumper w/Matte Black Kevlar Coating, JW Speaker LED Fog Lights, Gator Orange and Blue Powder Coated Accents, Custom Powder Coated Orange and Blue D-Rings
  • Custom Flat Style Fender Flares w/Two-Tone Gloss Black Paint and Matte Black Kevlar, Gator Orange and Blue D-Rings, Florida “F” Logo Powder Coated on Tire Carrier
  • Rubicon 10th Anniversary Hood w/Color Matched Black Gloss and Orange Paint w/3M Vinyl Florida Gator Hood Logo
  • Custom Embroidered Ebony Italian Leather Seating w/Orange and Blue Stitching and Gator Head Logo, Gators Logo and Gators “F” Logo

Now, the obvious issue here is the price tag. But if you think about it, this is more than just a tailgate car you use nine times per season. This is a goddamn Jeep. You shouldn’t feel like a weirdo completing simple life tasks in this thing. The Florida accents are subtle and the black base color gives it a classier feel. Trust me, a bright-ass blue and orange Jeep would be such an eyesore.

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