Buy This Oklahoma State Tailgate Van (w/ Flashy Rims!) — $3,500


Are you in the market for a cheap Oklahoma State tailgate van that also adds an element of flash? Then stop the search right now, because currently on sale in Stillwater is a fresh Cowboys van with a sweet paint job and 20” rims. $3,500 and it’s yours right now.

More information from the seller:

It is almost time for football season! I have a new plan for this year so I need to get rid of my old tailgate van. It is a 1993 Chevy Astro Van with 20″ Foose wheels on it. We have added decals to the outside of the van and have also welded in racks and covered everything with a spray in bed liner. This van has 8 Kicker speakers mounted on top and 2 12″ subs mounted on the outside of the van. It has 2 700 watt amps and a dedicated battery and remote switch. It does not come with a generator or the grill on the back.

Not going to lie, not having the generator or grill is a buzzkill. Maybe try use that to negotiate the price down to $3,000.

As for the rims, some people might find it corny, but it’s definitely unique in the tailgate world. We’ve posted hundreds of vans on this site, and we can safely that 99% of people don’t really invest in that aspect of their vehicle (outside of new tires).

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