Gronk Tries His Best To Fit In With His Kentucky Derby Wardrobe

People love the Kentucky Derby because they get to gamble their lives away, drink gallons of bourbon, and dress up in pastel suits and ridiculous hats. Gronk is in Kentucky with Tom Brady and a few other Patriots and he did his best to fit in.
He’s not exactly Tom Brady when it comes to style, but that’s why we love Gronk. He goes to a place where it’s basically required to dress up and put on a nice suit, and he makes a mockery of it by wearing a tie over a t-shirt.
I don’t know if the mockery is on purpose or not, though. Don’t put it past Gronk for him to actually think that counts as getting dressed up last night. One thing we do know for sure, is there isn’t a doubt he raged his face off.

[photos from Getty Images/CBS Sports]

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